The Pros & Cons of Virtual Reality Porn

Virtual reality porn is becoming one of the top most viewed categories in pornography. Over the course of the year, VR porn has risen by 300 plus percent. Last year alone, the day after Christmas, it went up by 250% overnight. Many believe that it was due to the individuals who received headgear the night before as gifts. Those people began to use them right away to look at pornography. The majority of virtual reality sex videos also prove how popular the genre has become. All of them receive well over 5 million views in just a month.

Still, like everything else, there are good and bad things about VR porn movies. The same negatives and positives which apply to traditional adult content, apply to VR pornography as well. In fact, some believe that they are significantly higher. Those views are based on how much more addictive VR porn is when compared to normal. The stark differences between them both is part of why. Putting on a virtual reality headset to view adult content is nothing like looking at a screen monitor. Instead, you are completely immersed in what is taking place. The action feels and looks so realistic, that many believe they can actually reach out and touch the characters.

No matter which side of the argument you stand on, the good and bad still have to be looked at. The following pros and cons of virtual reality porn will help shed more light on what to be aware of.

Pros of VR Porn

Allows You To Experiment

One of the reasons regular porno is very popular is because of experimentation. People want to be able to see things that they may otherwise never try. Looking at virtual reality sex videos is great for this. In fact, it is much better than doing it with regular porn. That’s because VR is interactive and allows individuals to create VR personalities. In turn, those make believe characters can do everything in a world of virtual reality.


Beneficial To Handicapped Individuals

Having physical, mental or social handicaps can restrict a person’s ability to perform in many ways. However, in a virtual reality universe, none of these things matter. A person with physical deformities can be whole when using VR porn. This may not necessarily have to be by watching virtual reality sex movies though. It can be using adult apps designed for VR interactions. In that sphere, everyone is perfect and a person can choose what he or she looks like.


People Far Apart From Each Other

Being in a long distance relationship can be very frustrating, painful and stressful. The same for having someone you care about be far away from you. Using virtual reality porno, can help bring individuals together. VR porn sex can be compared to regular phone or video sex. But, the experience delivers a much more immersive and rewarding outcome. There are sex toys which couples can use to make their sexual trysts better. Combined with VR porn, these teledildonic toys allow people to touch, feel and please one another; no matter the distance between them.


The Lonely, Ostracized Person

For whatever reason, there are millions of people who are lonely and ostracized. And even more who feel so. They struggle to find friends or a sexual partner. They could be deformed physically, unattractive or mentally unstable. Those who have problems finding partners for sex, can obtain release through VR porno. Regardless of the reason, using VR headsets can change all of that. Unlike traditional porn, virtual reality sex videos and VR itself, provide some form of intimacy. Looking at the beautiful characters in the VR porn videos, feels quite realistic. The loneliness, neglect and feelings of despair, can also be addressed via adult VR social and sex rooms.


Much Better Than Regular Porn

Perhaps the best reason to own a VR headset is the immersive experience it renders. Especially when used to watch VR porn movies. Unless you try VR, you will never truly understand just how much better it is than normal porn. The characters are in 360 degrees which make them seem and feel real. Not only that , a person will think that they are inside the porn film. It’s part of why some feel VR porn increases intimacy.


Cons of Virtual Reality Porn

Can Be Highly Addictive

Since the VR world is so realistic, a person may choose to spend a lot of time in it. More so if they feel ostracized or socially cut-off in the real world. Ironically, social immobility can occur from watching too much VR porn. The fantastical experiences through VR porn are so amazing, that people may ignore actual relationships. You also have the blurring or what is real and unreal. There are no limitations in VR porn. Some may think what they see or experience in that prism can be done in the real world.


Nausea & Other Cyber Sickness

Some of those who try out VR for the first time, often get dizzy, nauseous or worse. That’s because of the 360 degree movement and 3D perception. It can cause conflicts in the brain to the point where you may feel motion sickness. In most cases though, it just takes some getting used to.